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HOMETECH SPACE helped us with our design our kitchen, and we spend more time there than any room in the house! Not only does it look beautiful, but it’s a comfortable space for our family and our guests. It’s inspired us to redo the other rooms in our home, and we’ll definitely be calling this great company again.”

—Amarjeet singh

 “We love our new Office Space! HOMETECH SPACE made the interior design process simple and enjoyable. They listened to our requests and made a space that really feels like us.”

—NAVTEJ SEKHON                   Founder- President at AX source IT company

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“We have  the team of Professional Interior Designers who qualified by education, experience, and examination to enhance the function and quality of your interior spaces.”

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Corporate Interior Design:

Incorporates many of the same duties of commercial interior design such as creating attractive and functional spaces in a retail or office building. For example, they may enter an office space and see nothing but rows and rows of cubicles, and decide instead to create co-working spaces and open concept rooms for the workers.

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Residential Design:

The most common area of interior design is residential. In this area, designers will be knowledgeable about all the various areas within a home. There are even sub-specialties within residential. Some choose to focus on being experts in a niche such as bathrooms. Residential designers work with clients to design or improve the function and form of their living spaces while reflecting the client’s style.

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Color Specialist:

Has a strong understanding of how colors interact and work with one another. In college, they will study the psychology of color (among other related coursework), and usually, work in residential and commercial settings to create the perfect color patterns in the various spaces.

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Kitchen Design:

Another specialization that is becoming more popular is kitchen designer. Kitchen designers help clients create the kitchen of their dreams; from flooring and cabinets to appliances, and paint.

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Living Spaces Designs:

Responsible for developing all aspects of living spaces; from choosing paint for the walls, carpet, floorings, light fixtures and picking out furniture. They may work in a residential or corporate environment and be versed in different styles such as traditional or modern. They understand how to maximize the space based on the customer goals.

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Green Interior Design:

If your passion lies in creating a sustainable environment, you may want to look at specializing into this specialization. Designers in this area create amazing designs that are environmentally friendly and use sustainable products, methods, and supplies. For example, they may choose to incorporate a large tree in the entrance of a home, or only use reclaimed materials to construct a kitchen.

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Commercial Interior Design:

Popular amongst larger corporations and some smaller businesses looking to maximize their spaces. Similar to residential design, individuals choose to learn many types of commercial spaces and make one or two their specialty. For example, healthcare design specializing in this area, imagine the interiors of hospitals, clinics, treatment facilities, nursing homes and other healthcare-related spaces. In hotel design, interior designers help with floor coverings, furniture, wall coverings, color schemes, etc. You may choose to design hotels which are broad or decide to specialize in bed and breakfast boutique hotels, hostels, or business hotels

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Bathroom Design:

This is another specialty that is becoming increasingly popular. Designers help clients create a bathroom that is as functional as it is comfortable and tranquil.

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Lighting Design:

Some argue that this is not a specialty of interior design. Even so, you may choose to become a lighting designer, which is attainable with a degree in interior design. Lighting has a substantial impact on how we perceive a space and how we feel in it; lighting designers focus on the effect lighting has on all aspects of our lives. Lighting designers work on stage productions, in the theater, in galleries, and other places where lighting is a focal point.

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