About Us

Hometech Space Concept Pvt. Ltd.
is a all-in-one  Designing Company. We have helped many of customers around us to design and build their home and office with our smart and innovative design , support and friendly nature.
Company is founded in 2019 and Headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana. Hometech Space Concept Pvt. Ltd. is 100% Founder owned and Highly profitable. 

Our Story

About a years ago, our founder Indramani Singh started thinking about a company. Their focus was on being Best and No.1  Company but  in the same side he also want to provide services on very affordable price and to see smile on the customers face. He wanted to build something that Stay long-lasting and bring happiness for whole family. So, he created a delightful Interior Designing Company called the Hometech Space Concept Pvt. Ltd.

Hometech Space Concept Pvt. Ltd. loved serving their customers, we know what they want because understanding is in our DNA. We learned that Hometech Space Concept Pvt. Ltd. brand promise is to help our customer “Look Like a professional”.

We are no longer just a Interior Designing Company we are all-in-one designing company . As our product and team continues to grow one thing stays the same: We Always Believe in Quality Product and Services. 

We provide our customers:

What We Offer

Instead of focusing on what’s New or Hot, we take a timeless approach to visuals. Great visual design is content and form is harmony. We work through goals, needs and ideas to ensure our product get results.

We Understand Requirements

We at HOMETECH SPACE are experts at understanding the needs of our clients, and have come to realise that we solve issue on three key aspects. Scalability, Agility and Availability.

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We Work Precisely

We are experts at designing, implementing and constructing a beautiful and eye pleasing interior that gives you better feel and makes you happy.

We Deliver Best Output

Since we understand both business and technology, we can foresee what effects the planned consolidation or transformation will have before the decision is made and determine what benefits the business in the long run.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry

You will be impressed by our professionalism, the accuracy of the provided information, our prices and our reasonnable timeframes.
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